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KA2- Strategic Partnerships for School Education Only




1.      Do you think that your town is polluted?

a.       yes     b. no    c. I don’t know

2.      On a scale from 0 to 5, how polluted do you think your town is?

a.       0      b.   1       c.   2           d.   3           e.   4        f.   5

3.      What is the main cause of pollution in your town?

a.       traffic       b. industry      c. people      d. others....................................................(please mention them)

4.      Have you ever recycled?

a.       always        b. never       c. sometimes

5.      Do you separate rubbish?

            a.  always         b. never       c. sometimes

      6.   Have you ever taken part into ecological activities?

            a. yes                b. no

      7.   Do you consider yourself an ECO person?

            a. yes               b. no

      8.   Who could do something to prevent pollution in your town?

            a. the local authorities       b. the National Government            c. the citizens

    9.     What materials do you think can be recycled?

            a. paper        b. plastic      c. glass       d. aluminium      e. porcelain

   10.    Do you want to try to live a more eco-lifestyle?

            a. Yes, I do. 

            b. Maybe, but I would need more info.

            c. Maybe, but I don’t have much time.

            d. No, I am not interested.