Students from 6 partner schools from 5 countries (Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Romania) have been asked 3 questions concerning family budget: how much money they spend on food, water used to drink and wash, and energy per person monthly. Here are the results:


1.       21% of the families spend between 10 and 50 euros on food per person monthly. 55% spend between 51 and 100 euros, whereas only 24% spend more than 100 euros.

2.       2% of the families spend no money on water used to drink and wash. Half of the respondents claim that they spend more than 5 euros on water. The other half spend between 1 and 5 euros.

3.       52% of the families spend more than 20 euros on energy per person monthly. 44% pay between 6 and 20 euros and only 4% spend between 1 and 5 euros.


These results show that studentsí families do not always know how to manage their family budget efficiently and still much can be done to repair the budget and at the same time help the planet.