"Let's be green together"


              The world develops very fast and the standards of living change, too. New amazing technologies come into being and cities all over the world become bigger and bigger annually. Sadly, these changes are         not followed by the care for the environment as air and water pollution, deforestation, using of the natural resources are big problems nowadays. That is why more and more attention is paid to ecological issues.         We frequently mention the need of developing habits among young people in order to make them care for the environment. Unfortunately, what schools offer as far as this matter is concerned is obviously not             sufficient. While analyzing the agenda of our schools, we came to the conclusion that not enough attention is paid to environmental problems. Furthermore, students recognize ecology lessons as boring and                 unimportant. On the other hand, teachers take only few local initiatives. We have carried on a survey on environmental awareness among our students and the results were alarming and disappointing. According to      our findings most of our students either have very little knowledge on the topic of recycling or they underestimate the problem. They do not pay attention to how many resources they waste every day, mainly in the     case of water, energy and food. Moreover, they are not aware of the fact they can do something about that and that they can take care of the environment on their own. 

            Previous extracurricular projects have not done much to improve the situation, probably due to their limited reach. We wish to change this situation because as we all know, small can become big and one         person can sometimes make a difference. We want to make our students responsible for their future. It is up to us to lead them towards a long healthy life, breath fresh air, walk along clean streets and drink clean     water. The Earth belongs to all of us and we have to take care of it together. We are obliged to integrate young people from all over the world and make them get involved in the matter. 

            During the discussions with the teachers in different European countries we have found out that the problem of very poor environmental awareness concerns not only Romania, which is the last in the EU when     it comes to recycling waste, but also many other European countries. This motivated us to write a European project on raising awareness on the environment. We found the partners who had identified the same         problems in their schools and communities and who were really determined to change the attitude towards ecology among young people. We want to show our students that environment protection is not a boring     duty, recycling can be fun and saving water and energy means protecting the Earth, our blue planet. We want to introduce new standards of responsible behavior that will become normal and usual for everybody.     Taking care of the world around us and of our health should be an indispensable part of our life. 

              The way in which the project is assigned will make activities more attractive and will give young people the feeling of belonging to a community. In addition to that, being together with the young students in         different European countries will certainly make them more willing to learn foreign languages, to improve various competences and as well as their creativity. Due to our project, integrating different European             cultures     will be possible, our students will learn how to present the results of their work, how to use modern technologies and how to promote their work. Teachers and students participating in the project will         be able to share good practices as well. Teachers training international workshops carried by fellow teachers from different countries will provide opportunities to enrich and improve their teaching skills. Thus, we       have to do our part and make sure we will become responsible citizens who will work together all over Europe for a sustainable future through environmental issues.