Vasile Carlova

                   "Vasile Carlova" School is located in Targoviste, a small town in Dambovita County, in the south of Romania. The school is situated very close to the centre of the town, next to Chindia Park and opposite the most important tourist attractions, The Princely Court and Chindia Tower.

                 Founded in 1833, “Vasile Carlova” School is the oldest school in Dambovita county. There are 645 pupils, who are aged 6 -14. Our students come not only from our town, but also from the suburbs of the town and the villages on the outskirts. There are 23 classes, including a few gipsy children and of other ethnic groups (10%), children with special needs (5%) that have an adapted syllabus, some disabled children, children coming from families with poor economic situation or children whose parents are abroad and who have remained in the care of close relatives, friends or neighbours (10%).

                   To give the proper and high quality education to our pupils and to better integrate them in the school community, there is a continuous preoccupation of the school to offer them the best teaching and learning resources based on professionalism, respect and tolerance. The good results that our students have got in different competitions and examinations and the fact that the number of students has increased in the last years (in 2008 there were 339 students and in 2015 there are 645 students) are proofs that our school can be considered one of the best schools in our region. Our school is also involved in a lot of local and national projects and the cooperation between European countries is among its main goals.