Ukmerges r. Siesiku Gimnazija, Lituania

                    Ukmerges r. Siesiku gimnazija is situated in a rural area, Siesikai town having 700 inhabitants. It is 25 kilometres away from the regional centre,  Ukmerge having 40000 inhabitants. It is a secondary school providing general education. There are several teaching levels: one pre-primary grade, four primary grades, four grades providing basic education, four gymnasium grades preparing for FC examinations. The school specializes in information technologies, science, English and technologies. It provides excellent knowledge in these subjects. What concerns modern technologies, the school attempts to install all the latest inventions in order to help teaching and learning process, to save resources, to motivate students. The school staff consists of 6 members of administration, 35 teachers, 6 additional employees. 265 students study at this school.