Scoala Serban Cioculescu


        "Serban Cioculescu" Secondary School, founded in 1971, is a public education institution, non- profit, under the Ministry of National        Education and Scientific Research.     From a social point of view, the region in which our school is situated faces the lack of jobs and the     number of low-income families is still rising.

               This institution is training 817 students in 31 classes. Our students’ ages are between 6 and 15 years. There are two school levels:     primary (18 classes - 476 students) and secondary (13 classes - 341 students). Students are mostly from urban areas but also         from villages situated around Gaesti. In many cases parents do extra     work in order to provide a basic income, so they neglect the     education of their children.

              The school is promoting the inclusive educational politicies allowing integration into the mass education of children with special         needs. In our school, er integrate 30     students with special needs, 16 of which are in primary school: 5 students have mental                     deficiencies, 9 shows a slow learning pace and 2 of them have attention disorder. These children have made progress in learning due to adaptation of curriculum areas  (flexibility of learning contents and differentiated assessment).

              In our school there are also students with poor school results who do not have special education needs, respresenting 4% of all enlisted students in the school, as well as     32 children from needy families. Their low school results owe to the fact that these children’s parents do not get involved enough in their school activity.

              Our teaching staff is represented by 17 primary school teachers and 30 secondary school teachers, a computer specialist, a lab technician, a speech therapist, a                 psychoeducator and two itinerant teachers who conduct cognitive and ocupational therapy activities and ludotherapy.

    Although all our teachers are qualified professionals, there is a decrease of our students’ school results which asks for a new approach of the educational process.