Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado Pietro Zani



        The public school “Pietro Zani” is in Fidenza, the biggest town (about 26,000 inhabitants) in the province of Parma, in the north of Italy. It’s a manufacturing and agro-industrial area. Known for its strategic position since the Roman age, Fidenza is situated along the Italian route of “Via Francigena”, one of the major pilgrimage route to Rome during Medieval Times and now one of the most important Italian tour itineraries.

                The school, named after the abbot and scholar Pietro Zani (1748-1821), is a junior high school with 552 pupils (22 classes), 12 members belonging to the administrative staff and 60 teachers. About 24% of the students come from North Africa, East Europe, India and South America but most of them were born in Italy.

                   There is a musical department which consists of six classes. Pupils have to pass an aptitude test. They can learn to play the piano, the violin, the transverse flute, the guitar, drums, the saxophone and the clarinet. Music classes take place in the afternoon.

                   The educational offer of our school is wide but it pays great attention to literacy teaching and integration of foreign students, citizenship, local and national projects, integration of pupils with special needs and agreements with local secondary schools.

                  The socio-economic context is characterized by a general wealth and for this reason lots of migrants have chosen Fidenza to live in, but over the last few years the economic crisis has deeply affected our area, and some families are now in straitened circumstances.